The Return of CT

Only four more days until The Challenge: Invasion of The Champions premieres and MTV is doing a lot of press for this upcoming season. Other than some new rookies, many viewers will tune in just to see some of their favorite vets compete i.e CT Trambruello.

This is the first season that the big-bad wolf CT will officially compete since his on and off again Challenge lover, Diem Brown died of Cancer during his latest season, Battle of the Exes II in 2015. CT is the competitor that we all want to hate, but always love. In the past he’s been a fighter, which has gotten him kicked off of some challenges. He’s a force to be reckon with and definitively  a fan favorite.

MTV has dedicated a tribute to CT that will premiere an hour before the Challenge: Invasion premieres. For serious challenge fans, this is a big deal because we haven’t seen him on a challenge on three years.

Here are some of my top CT moments throughout his challenge history:

  1. CT carries Johnny Bananas as a backpack in an elimination. This elimination is the biggest elimination ever in Challenge history and what started the well-known rivalry between Bananas and CT.
  2. Any moment with CT and Diem. They are beauty and the beast. Whenever they were on a challenge together sparks flew. 6 years with them was not enough!
  3. Adam vs CT rivalry . During the Challenge: Duel II , CT was kicked off for his fight with Adam. The cause of the fight: his on and off challenge girlfriend, Diem.
  4. CT and Wes fight. CT and the snake Wes never got along. Wes it the biggest manipulator in the history of the challenge and CT doesn’t take shit from anyone. Which is why he antagonized Wes for HOURS on Rivals I. This moment was hilarious.
  5. CT and Faith Brown compete. Although Faith was never an official cast member of The Challenge, her sister Diem was. In honor of of Diem’s death, her sister Faith and CT make a short appearance on The Challenge: Bloodlines (CT’s first appearance since the season Diem passed away on) to demonstrate a challenge.

CT seems to be a complete asshole, but he’s an amazing competitor, Also, my favorite guy who’s been on The Challenge because he doesn’t submit to play the game by anyone else’s rules except for his own.

Don’t forget to watch  CT’s tribute episode February 7th, at 8 PM and the premiere of The Challenge: Invasion of The Champions right after! It’s going to be a very interesting season!


2 thoughts on “The Return of CT

  1. I haven’t watched MTV’s The Challenge in so long. I do remember Diem and CT’s relationship and the articles about her battle with cancer. It’ll be interesting to see CT in this season of The Challenge. I might just watch to see if they discuss Diem’s battle with cancer and how he dealt with it or just read your blog instead. This was a good post, it brought up some memories and helped me get up to date on the show!

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