A House Divided

tony_challengeA few days ago, MTV blessed viewers with a TWO-HOUR premiere of The Challenge: Invasion of The Champions. The first two episodes came out with a bang and ended with me itching for more.

The rules of the game are different this season. Instead of living in a luxurious house, the challengers have to earn their stay into the “oasis”. The only way to earn their key to the oasis is to either win a challenge or win an elimination. No one can enter the oasis until all the keys are given, and the number of keys are LIMITED. Until then, the challengers most live in a shelter on the beach. They sleep on a thin mat, bathe in the ocean, and have ZERO privacy.

The first challenge involved the rookies  challengers to find a way to get over a big wall using clay, then find a way to get underneath the second wall, and the finish a physical puzzle. Within just a few moments of the challenge starting alliances were formed. Barbie Beast Jenna, Tony, Kailah, and Cory were against the rest of the rookies. The Challenge ended with Marie and Bruno losing, Nicole and Dario earning a key to the Oasis, and the house completely divided.

Sparks started to fly between to newbie Kailah and Cory which isn’t suprising since Cory is player. Although, they didn’t hook up they discussed about a previous time off the show when they originally wanted to have sex. Marie and AYTO cast member, Anthony connected. They were a complete yawn. Nicole broke down and confided to Bruno that her girlfriend ended their relationship because she wanted to come on the show. Sadly, her girlfriend didn’t realize that Nicole wanted to win the money to put a ring on it.

Snippets of the champions showed throughout the episodes, and the veterans have been putting in work. CT revealed he has a son, Bananas and Cara Maria basically lives in the gym, Ashley believes she’s now a better competitor because she does cross fit, Zach isn’t impressed with the rookie but excited to see his ex, Jenna , and Laurel has been living her life in Montana.

Host TJ Lavin revealed that men vote women into eliminations individually and vice versa for the women. Kailah the most hated girl in the house was voted in by all the men except for Tony. Tony was voted by all the women in house except for his RW cast mate Nicole. What was wrong about this was Tony could’ve had a chance to avoid the elimination, but the deciding vote was left to his fake” friend”/ former RW cast mate Slyvia. Slyvia was weak and decided with her alliance because she was afraid to get voted in the next challenge. She betrayed her friend for girls she just met. All the other girls excluding Jenna, hates on Kailah because she’s a strong competitor who doesn’t take shit from NO ONE.

The elimination round is similar to football except for they’re trying to get four of the opponents 50-pounded bags to their side. Kailah annihilated Marie and Tony killed Bruno as they earned their place in the Oasis. I was happy to see them come back, but most of the cast members won’t. However, they still are unaware that the veterans are coming. Which will be great for Jenna, who has a target on her back for being friends with Kailah. For the other alliance, they’ll have to fight hard because these veterans have a reputation of destroying rookies.

The trailer showed a sneak peek of the champions creating some chaos. The bully, and toughest competitor Laurel is seen getting in a fight with loud mouth rookie Amanda. Zach and Jenna are shown getting cozy, so hopefully they’ll get back together. Newbie Nicole is shown trying to be a player hooking up with both veterans and best friends Laurel and Cara Maria. MTV has gotten me hungry for the next episode and my eyes will definitely be glued to my TV every Tuesday night at 9.


One thought on “A House Divided

  1. I haven’t watched MTV’s “The Challenge” in years but your blog posts are very insightful and almost make me wanna go tune in! Haha. I think it’s cool that they switched the rules up and are teasing them with the whole “oasis” house thing and are making them stay in shelters on the beach. It actually sounds kinda fun!

    – Damien


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