Earn Your Stripes

Tuesday night, the third episode of The Challenge: Invasion of The Champions premiered and surprisingly it was entertaining. I say surprisingly because they’re few veterans right now in the first few episodes, so they’re are mostly people who haven’t been on the show. However, these new kids are making a name for themselves.

The episode starts off with Smashley, Ashley M.  flirting with newbie AYTO star, Hunter. Which is a bit interesting because Hunter is a real down to earth guy who seems to like good girls. Well Ashley M. may be a good girl this season, but my mind goes back to when she had sex last season, on the first night with the whole house watching. Regardless of her character, this new couple pair up during this week’s challenge and seem to be the dynamic duo.

The  challenge this week, involved everyone except for the people who have a key to The Oasis, to participate. Each pair had to get into a human size shell where one person stood up and paddled while the other person were on their knees paddling. They had to go through four check points to collect a sack of coconuts and then make it back to the beach to shoot them in a basket. Ashley M. and Hunter won this challenge and Hunter was a sore winner and started randomly taking shots at Cory.

Cory is confused on Hunter is talking shit about him because Hunter has never won a challenge besides that day, it’s his first time being on this show, and he hasn’t earned his stripe. Hunter immediately states that he wants Cory to go in the elimination round and Cory takes it like the GOAT he is. However, he confides in his past challenge partner, Ashley M. to let him be the house vote and for her to pick either Shane or Theo to go against. Ashley M. doesn’t make any promises, but ultimately she decided to vote in Theo and let Cory be the house vote.

Theo is ecstatic about going up against Cory. He gets cocky and says how he is a better competitor and can beat him at anything. Theo instantly rubbed me the wrong way when he said this because he hasn’t proved himself yet. Cory has been on three challenges and placed in the top three at least two times. Newbie Anika rubs me the wrong way when she says she wants to take on the BarbieBeast herself, and she implies that Jenna isn’t smart enough to beat her if the elimination round is a puzzle. Which is crazy because Jenna has been on four challenges and placed in the top three each time. Also, Jenna is an elimination queen she’s 8-0. However, I respect Anika because she says she believes to be the best you have to beat the best.

The elimination round starts off with them hiking up two mountains. TJ then states that they will be jumping off the mountain grabbing the most balls as possible. Whoever, has the fastest time, holding the most balls win. Cory and Anika jumps off fast and with ease. BarbieBeast happily jumps off two seconds faster that Anika, sending her home. Ironically, Theo quits immediately and TJ calls him out, telling him that he’s a quitter. I think it’s funny how much shit Theo talked and he couldn’t back it up. He is a pure example of why I firmly believe that rookies need to earn their stripes by going into elimination rounds to prove themselves. Too many rookies talk a lot of smack and never back it up.

Meanwhile on the Champ Cam, we see the veterans leaving their house to meet up with each other at what appears to be a hotel. TJ sends them their jerseys and the vets are off to Thailand. I love that they’re going to be the season twist. They will definitely shake up the house and break up some of the alliances. I’m mostly excited to see vets Laurel and CT because they’re both monsters in this game and haven’t been on the show for a few years. So, hopefully MTV has the vets come wreck things in next week’s episode.


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