Keys to Paradise

This week’s episode of The Challenge went how I predicted. The final four keys were given to the people I expected and MTV didn’t show much of the champs invading until the very end. This really irked me, but I understand MTV edited this episode to keep viewers hungry for more. Congrats MTV because I want to skip the rest of this week just to see next Tuesday’s episode. Too bad my dreams will not come true.

The episode kicks off with Kailah and Cory flirting and romantically making out on the beach. Even though Cory is known to be a player on every challenge he comes on while Kailah is notorious for being a notorious flirt, I still love watching them go at it. Also, Latoya and  Nelson get it on and she drunkly tells him that she wants both of them to get their key to The Oasis, so they can have some “private time”. However, this romance got heated just as it was going to end. Lucky for me, because they were both boring together.

The final challenge for players to earn their key to the Oasis involved the challengers to be caged in. Sylvia, Latoya, Amanda, Shane, Anthony, and Nelson are the only people who didn’t earn their spot in the house. Only two girls and two guys would be able to get a key and I was banking on Shane. Each player started off in a caged box which spun them around circles. After their box hit the ground, the players had to find a way to move their cage down the hill close to the finish line. When the player reached a third of the way, they each had to pull a rope to attain their key, unlock themselves out of the cage, and then run to the finish line. This challenge sounded easy, but it was an endurance based challenge that only Shane and Amanda had heart enough to win.

As for the elimination, if you’re  not a fan of the Stair Master at the gym, you won’t be a fan of this elimination. Thailand stair are no joke and each competitor had to race up the stairs as part of the elimination. Anthony and Latoya lost the race while Nelson and Sylvia got excited about sitting  comfy in The Oasis with their friends.

I’ve watched 16 out of 29 seasons of The Challenge, and never have I ever seen a Challenge house this beautiful. However, I know that this challenge house will be broken into very fast. Smashley Ashley and Hunter were the first couple to put the boom-boom room house to use. Their sweet country love is adorable for now. They have no idea what is in store for them… the champs.

The episode ends with Host TJ Lavin and the challengers standing the next challenge. The Champions invade, leaving the challengers shook. Every guy looks at CT and are surprised. Meanwhile, BarbieBeast Jenna, doesn’t notice any other champ except for her cheating ex Zach. She confides in an interview that she thought she was over him, but as soon as she saw him all her feelings came back. Just like that the episode ended, but MTV graciously provided us with a tease-worthy preview for next week. Which involves Zach who can’t keep his eyes of Jenna, some late night skinny-dipping, and Kailah going all the way with Cory, and the challengers getting their asses handed to them by the champs.

Next Tuesday at 9pm hookups will happen, vets will take over the house, and some alliances will shake.



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